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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

saje wellness, essential oils, review, diffuser, cordlessIt can be a very dry in winter and when the temps hit -20 or colder in some parts of the world, you don’t get much fresh air. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up the air in your home and add a bit of moisture that doesn’t involve fake smelling air fresheners… you should try diffusing essential oils. Diffusing uses ordinary tap water and converts it to a cool mist. You can add essential oils or oil blends to the water for a light scent when the air is released. Saje has just released a new essential oil diffuser and the big new thing with this one is – it’s cordless and rechargeable. The Saje Aroma Be Free diffuser is a polygonal shape that comes in a few colours; I’ve got the black version.

Watch my video review of Saje Aroma Be Free diffuser

Saje Wellness Aroma Be Free Diffuser review

There’s a cord that plugs into the bottom, so it can be used while plugged in, just like Saje’s other diffusers, but this one has the addition of a battery inside, so when you pull the plug, you can place the diffuser anywhere and get from 4-8 hours of essential oil mist.
A cordless essential oil diffuser is a great idea; you can place it in the middle of a kitchen island without trailing cords; it can go in the centre of a room, or even take it with you in your camper van!

saje wellness, essential oils, review, diffuser, cordlessSet up is easy

There’s virtually no set up for this device. Just plug it in, add water to the fill line and a few drops (6-12) of essential oil. It has two settings, on and intermittent; with it on it will run about 4 hours and on intermittent it will run for 8 hours.

Runtime: Saje Wellness Aroma Be Free Diffuser

Now that’s just about how long it takes to use up all the water I the tank; in my testing the battery was still good to go when the water ran out.
One nice feature of this unit is that it shuts off automatically when the reservoir is empty so it won’t run unnecessarily. This diffuser, unlike some others in the Saje lineup has no light built into the unit.

saje wellness, essential oils, review, diffuser, cordlessSaje essential oil blends

I’ve been testing this diffuser out with some of Saje’s new oil blends; there’s Fresh and Floral, and Warm and Spicy.

How do Ultrasonic diffusers work?

Ultrasonic diffusers work by using subtle ultrasonic or sound vibrations which are generally undetectable to humans. The sound waves shake the water at a molecular level, essentially breaking it apart and allowing it to be changed into particles which are lighter than air. Those are the particles you see escape as mist from the diffuser unit. When essential oils are added, they too break apart and are released into the air with the water creating a subtle scent.
Ever since I was first introduced to Saje essential oils a couple years ago, I’ve been in love.

saje wellness, essential oils, review, diffuser, cordlessMy favourite Saje oils & blends

Some of my favourite scents include Peppermint Halo which also makes a really great headache remedy and cools you, and Liquid Sunshine which smells like the tropics with scents of orange and lime. I also fell in love with Saje’s special Good Cheer holiday oil blend and I can tell you it sells out every holiday season.

Overall I’m really happy with this diffuser and how it works. It’s easy to set up and use and I love what it does to the air in my home. The cordlessness is the next logical step for diffusing and the battery lasts well and means my diffuser can be use in so many more places now.

The  Saje Aroma Be Free Diffuser sells for about $118CAD.

Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

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