Solar lights suck! Or do they? These outdoor landscape lights may have changed my mind


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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

Linkind solar light, amazon, review

While we’re planting grass and touching up the paint, it’s all too easy to forget there’s another way to spruce up your yard and that’s with lighting. While you can install AC-powered wired lights, solar lights continue to be popular because you can place them literally anywhere. But so many solar lights are cheaply made, and die after a couple season in harsh weather. So when I saw a set of solar LED lights that have over 10,000 5 star reviews on Amazon, I thought I should try them out.

Linkind Solar Landscape Lights review

In this review we’ll look at the weatherproof Linkind Colour changing solar powered landscape lights. I’ll show you what you get, how to set up and assemble them, what they look like after dark and let you know if I can recommend them for you.

What’s in the box?

The Linkind Colour changing solar powered landscape lights arrive needing assembly but fortunately it’s easy. You have two options for the installation; you can use the flat mounting base with included screws to attach them to posts, desks and even the side of your house. Or use the included stakes to push them into the ground.

Linkind solar light, amazon, reviewHow to assemble Linkind Solar lights

The main post simple clicks together and is fastened with these handy thumbscrews. Then you can add the stake by pushing it into the base. The light with stake attached is about 12 Inches tall.

How bright are Linkind Solar lights?

Each light has a large head with a big solar panel on the top. Two LED lights are aimed out front, and the head can be adjusted by loosening the thumbscrew.

Linkind solar light, amazon, review

The LED lights are quite bright; much brighter than some of those other solar lights you’ll see; inside those two lamps are a total of 16 LED beads.

These lights change colours and you can set different modes. There’s no need for an app or Wi-Fi with these; you just use the multifunction button under the head to click through your options:

The Linkind solar landscape spotlights provide various color selections in both dynamic and static form including:
8 fixed colors: Red, Green, Blue, Lemon Yellow, Purple, Cyan, Rainbow, and Cool White
1 auto changing color mode that will cycle through all the lights. For the most part, I chose green to highlight some of the plants in the yard, and blue to play off the color of our house.

Battery life & charging

So what’s the charging and battery life?

These lights charge all day while sitting in the sun. On a full charge, each light can last between 6-12 hours; about 6 hours if it’s running the colour cycling mode and up to 12 full hours if you choose one color and leave it. There will probably also be some adjustments depending on how good a solar charge it’s gotten the previous day.

I also placed several lights in shadier areas and I can say they still seem to get a good dose of juice.

Weather resistance

Linkind solar light, amazon, reviewLinkind says these are made to be rugged and to withstand all kinds of weather. They have an a IP67 waterproof rating meaning they’re protected against short periods of immersion in water while under pressure between 15cm and 1m. Hopefully these aren’t going under water but if you do have a flood, they should come out ok.
I’ve only had them in for about 2 weeks so I can’t say much about their longevity yet and we haven’t had much harsh weather, so I will have to look at updating this review after a year or so.

Overall Linkind Solar Landscape Lights review

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the Linkind Colour changing solar powered landscape lights.
They’re brighter than I expected, and the colours are quite saturated. I’ve got options for changing the colours or using the dynamic rainbow scene, and with solar power that lasts up to 12 hours, they can keep my yard lit up for both aesthetics and safety all night long.

I’ve not yet found any downsides to these lights, but like I said, I will have to see how long the batteries last after time and if they continue to be durable in harsh weather.

For now I can recommend the Linkind Colour changing solar powered landscape lights to you. They sell for about $29US for a 2-pack and up to $86 for a 6-pack and you can get them from Amazon, below.

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