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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

ring stick up cam review, how to, home safety, security

From car break-ins, to prowlers, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to keep tabs on your house using video. But more than just keeping watch for any bad guys, cameras can help you keep an eye on your kids and their curfews, and your pets too.

This month on the Best Buy blog, we’re looking at security and entryway safety with smart home devices. I reviewed Ring Alarm previously, now today I’m adding the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery.

What is Ring Stick Up Cam Battery?

ring stick up cam battery review, how to, safety, home, security

Ring Stick Up Cam is a fully wireless indoor or outdoor security camera (there is also a wired version of this camera). It runs on a rechargeable battery, and connects to a companion app that lets you see what’s going on with a live feed day or night, from anywhere in the world. Worth noting, you can add optional cloud recording for an additional fee.

Does Ring integrate with other home security devices?

The camera integrates with many other devices; of course it’s built to work with a Ring Alarm system, so if your home alarm goes off, you can just tap on a camera feed to see what’s going on. You can also access the camera feed from smart digital assistant devices like Amazon Echo Show, using voice control for whole home monitoring and security. Think of the Ring Stick Up Cam as one of the pieces in your overall home and entryway safety system.

Where Can I use Ring Stick Up Cam?

This camera is ideal for not just for monitoring your home, but for keeping tabs on your detached garage, or even a shed or your cottage, camper van or RV. That’s because the battery lasts for months and doesn’t need to be hard wired. So long as you can get a Wi-Fi signal, you can see what’s going on 24/7.

Setting up Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

This camera couldn’t be easier to set up and it comes with all the tools and accessories you need. The first thing you’ll need to do is charge the removable and rechargeable quick-release battery. It’s housed in a compartment in the bottom of the camera that locks securely and is sealed against the elements.

Charging it up for the first time takes a while so plug it in before you want to use it and then just leave it overnight or for a few hours. Then download the Ring app.

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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

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  1. Michael M. on May 14, 2019 at 11:32 am

    I would be very curious to hear how the Ring Stick Up cameras perform compared to Arlo’s line of cameras. I would assume that they would be comparable in terms of quality of video, services\functions offered, etc.

    I have been considering Arlo for outdoor cameras but I am probably going to spend more time reading about Ring, as I do like the idea of using a single company for all of my security components (security system, outdoor cameras, doorbell, etc.).

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