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PMD Clean vs PMD Pro Gemstone: Facial Cleansing Brushes Review & Comparison


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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

PMD Clean, PMD Clean Pro, gemstone, on colourful background.

Vibrating facial cleansing brushes seem to be popping up everywhere. So are they a gimmick, or do they actually have helpful properties?  When Clairsonic announced they were dropping out of the cleansing brush game, that left a few options. One of them is PMD Beauty’s brushes. In this review, I’ll look at PMD Clean and PMD Clean Pro Gemstone. What do these brushes promise, how well do they work, and what’s the difference between them? We’ll tackle those topics and if you stick around we’ll talk price and whether I recommend them for you. And read on for a special discount code if you like what you learn.

What is PMD Clean and Clean Pro Gemstone?

In short, these are silicon face cleansing brushes that offer sonic vibrations or massage if you want to call it that, plus heating properties in the Pro version. The Gemstone version is an upgrade from the Pro which has a simple metal heated backplate. You use them with a cleanser to gently scrub away dirt and oil. Both devices have short  silicone “bristles.” Silicone is easy to clean, and it is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and odor-resistant. These waterproof bristles are made for all skin types, with both large and small bristles on the device head – so you can target different areas.- though there’s not a lot of difference in size and the configuration is not even. Unlike some other facial cleansing devices, these PMD devices do not have replaceable brush heads.

Vibration technology for cleansing

Both PMD Clean with the PMD Clean Pro Gemstone offer PMD’s “SonicGlow” technology, which is PMD’s fancy way of saying they use over 7,000 vibrations per minute to scrub your face clean. These vibrations work to break down oil and remove dirt from the skin, and says PMD, at use a  frequency to help target signs of aging, potentially helping to firm and lift the skin. These vibrations are said to increase blood flow, helping to give skin that beautiful, youthful glow. Both devices also have four built in modes, which you can use to create a specialized skincare routine.

The first two modes are designed for cleansing, offering different vibration intensities; essentially low and high. You can quickly shift between modes by pressing a button, so you can even use different modes in a single cleansing session. The third and fourth modes are more of a pulsing and, claims PMD, they’re are designed for anti-aging and massaging.

PMD Clean, PMD Clean Pro, gemstone, in shower.

What’s the difference between PMD Clean and PMD Clean Pro Gemstone?

While both devices have these same modes, how they are used does differ somewhat. The third and fourth modes are intended to be used with the backside of the device, and this is a key area where the two devices differ. The PMD Clean’s backside has a series of ridges that are great for facial massages, while the PMD Clean Pro Gemstone has a gemstone plate.

The smooth gemstone side of the PMD Clean Pro Gemstone is meant for applying skincare creams – the heating element inside called “ActiveWarmth”  is supposed to help products like serum or moisturizer absorb into your skin better. Here, that heat is transmitted through a slice of rose quartz crystal.

The PMD Clean does not have ActiveWarmth technology.

What’s the benefit of a gemstone face brush?

While we’re on the topic of the gemstones, let’s dig into what the benefits of a gemstone applicator may be. Many people believe crystals and gemstones have special properties and you’ll often see gemstones uses in rollers, makeup brushes and Gua Sha facial tools. Gemstones are said to enhance wellness, and have healing properties thanks to their energies of natural stones which conduct and store energy. I won’t get much deeper into the crystal thing than that, but the rose quartz is meant to have relazational and anti-inflammatory properties and it is certainly beautiful and warm or cool it does feel nice moving over my face.

Scrubbing the face with PMD Clean.More differences among PMD face brushes

Let’s take a look at some other ways these two devices differ… in Power, charging and storage. The PMD Clean is battery powered, while the PMD Clean Pro Gemstone is rechargeable. The PMD Clean Gemstone’s rechargeable battery is intended to last roughly 150 to 180 minutes per charge, which will most likely last two to three months with daily use.

The Clean Pro Gemstone is also freestanding, while the PMD Clean requires using the base if you would like to store your device upright. Both have a similar ergonomic design, but the Pro is a smidge larger.

Overall review: PMD Clean and Clean Pro Gemstone

PMD Clean, PMD Clean Pro, gemstone, differences, best, reviewOverall, these devices do help intensify your cleansing. I like using a brush to help wash up and I feel like it does a good job with the light scrubbing. I really like the handle design, and this combines with the size of the brush makes it easy to get into smaller areas. The 4 different vibration modes seem like enough.

Downsides? You do need to cycle through every vibration setting before you can turn it off, and there’s no memory of your favorite or the last one used, so it’s like a new brush every time. On the Pro, the heat is strong but it’s hard to tell how much the low level of heat is really helping my serums and creams penetrate.  I also didn’t really notice a difference in the different sizes of bristles in terms of better or deeper cleansing. I also wonder about the anti ageing properties here, and with just a few days to test these brushes I certainly didn’t see any miracles… so if you’ve been using one of these longer and have seen improvements I’d love to hear from you in comments below.

Overall though, if you’re looking for a bit more from your skincare routine, I’d probably recommend the PMD Clean as your best choice. It’s a solid, simple to use facial cleansing brush that’s simple to add to your daily routine. For the big hike in price, it’s hard to prove if the PRO’s pretty crystal back and heat are really having a big impact. PMD beauty products are available on Amazon or if you shop on PMD’s website and use the Discount Code ERINLAWRENCE you can get 10% off your order.

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