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John Ruiz

John Ruiz

Did you know that robot vacuum manufacturer Roborock features a product lineup with nearly a dozen robot vacuums to choose from? Even though we reviewed some of Roborock’s products, picking the most suitable Roborock robot vacuum for your home and budget is easier said than done. The way the company names their products isn’t exactly consumer-friendly as it doesn’t give any hint of its standout features or even the generation. The best approach is to compare these vacuums directly and I will do just that with the four Roborock vacuums we reviewed recently – the S7 Max Ultra and its older cousin the S7 Max V Ultra, Q Revo, and S8 Pro Ultra vacuum. So if you’re wondering which Roborock model to buy you’ve come to the right place.

Roborock vacuum comparison: At a Glance

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra ($1,599.99 USD / $2,249.99 CAD)

The S8 Pro Ultra is Roborock’s current flagship robot vacuum and you can immediately tell just from the product’s eye-watering price tag. Roborock stacks the deck with a massive feature set though starting with a monstrous 6,000Pa worth of suction power, dual vacuum rollers, and automatic brush lifting. Building on top of the technologies featured on Roborock’s older flagship products along with an improved design, the S8 Pro Ultra is simply the epitome of a luxury robot vacuum. Check out Erin’s review of the S8 Pro Ultra here.

Shop the S8 Pro Ultra from Roborock.

Shop the S8 Pro Ultra from Amazon.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra ($1,299.99 USD / $1,819.99 CAD)

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is a refreshed version of Roborock’s 2022 flagship robot vacuum, the S7 MaxV Ultra. The specs do not eclipse the S8 Pro Ultra but in terms of sensors and mopping features, the S7 Max Ultra still exudes a flagship aura. Erin tried the S7 Max Ultra in her home, so find out what she learned in her hands-on review.

Shop the S7 Max Ultra from Roborock.

Shop the S7 Max Ultra from Amazon.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra ($1,399.99 USD / $1,959.99 CAD)

Roborock S7 Max V Ultra, review

Roborock S7 Max V Ultra

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the only vacuum in this roundup released in 2022. It is the old flagship model and still packs quite a punch today. Don’t bother replacing it if you own one and it still works because the improvements the newer models have don’t justify the hassle in selling your old one and spending more on any of its successors. However, if you are looking to buy a new robot vacuum, avoid this model at all costs unless you can find it at a lower price than the newer S7 Max Ultra. Yes, don’t confuse yourself between the MaxV and Max model because the S7 Max actually has a higher suction power and comes with automatic mop drying. Read up on it in Erin’s full review of the S7 Max V here.

Shop the S7 Max V Ultra from Roborock.

Shop the S7 Max V Ultra from Amazon.

Roborock Q Revo ($899.99 USD / $1,269.99 CAD)

roborock q revo vacuum in dock

The Q Revo is a clever little Roborock innovation because it is nearly half the price of S8 Pro Ultra while maintaining most of its feature set. The main compromises are its reduced mopping functionality and downgraded docking station but at least Roborock didn’t strip them away completely! The Q Revo is Erin’s most recent review so take a look here.

Shop the Q Revo from Roborock.

Shop the Q Revo from Amazon.

Core Features

Because all four Roborock products in this roundup have built-in Wi-Fi, they all rely on the same Roborock app you can download from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. The app has received numerous updates throughout its multi-year history and it has a friendly interface checking your vacuum’s status, tracking its location via 3-D maps of your room that it generates, scheduling cleaning routines, and defining no-vacuum zones. No matter which vacuum you pick from this list, it will take full advantage of the app’s capacities as each one features a sophisticated LDS Laser Navigation system allowing the vacuum to relay its location to the app in real time and make accurate maps.

Since the built-in Wi-Fi makes the vacuum part of your home networking setup, you can command the vacuum with your voice through Alexa or Google Assistant. Speaking of voice, the vacuums can make voice alerts too and you can change the voice pack to German, French, Spanish, or Chinese if you wish.

The four Roborock vacuums also boast the same battery capacity at 5,200mAh. When set to “Quiet Mode”, Roborock gives an estimated runtime of 3 hours from a full charge. Generally, you should get the same mileage from each of these vacuums though it could vary depending on the zones and modes you’ll rely on.

Vacuum Performance

Needless to say, the S8 Pro Ultra is head over heels the top performer when it comes to overall vacuum performance and it really should given its price. Based on my past tests, it handled hardwood floors and carpets far better than the older models effectively collecting fine and coarse debris. It appears the dual brushes and high suction power of the S8 Pro Ultra helps in that regard.

As for the rest of the models, I was still impressed with the vacuuming performance in general. Even if the old S7 MaxV Ultra has “only” 5,100Pa worth of suction power, it still performed decently when I reviewed it. Perhaps the increased 74-watts maximum rated power in the motor helped? Both the Q Revo and S7 Ultra have the same 5,500Pa suction spec and I had no issues with their cleaning jobs either.

Mopping Technology

roborock vacuum mops

Choosing amongst the four Roborock vacuums really depends on how big of a duty mopping is in your household. If a lot of the work in your household involves mopping, going for any of the 2023 models is worthwhile. Yes, the S7 MaxV Ultra does decent mopping duties as well but when you dock the newer vacuums and put them through their self-cleaning paces, the station will also spend time washing and drying the mop. Drying the mop sounds like an extra lazy routine to take for granted but it helps a lot as it prevents mold growth and odors. This helps a lot on the maintenance side and improves the vacuum’s longevity and you don’t have to do anything on your part.

Perhaps the biggest compromise on the Q Revo and its lower price is its unique dual spinning mops system. I found it quite fascinating because it did pretty well in my mopping tests and as soon as the vacuum detected a carpet, the mops rise up 7 millimeters so the vacuum can continue cleaning carpets without getting them wet. This translates to faster completion time and saves battery life too! The other vacuums have this feature too thanks to the VibraRise technology but it only lifts the mop 3 millimeters. But I still consider the Q Revo’s mops a compromise simply because it lacks the high-speed sonic mopping the rest of the models in the roundup offers. Consider those options if mopping performance is important.

The S8 Pro Ultra deserves a special mention for mopping as it comes with an extra feature that lets the vacuum lift the brush up so it can perform its mopping task even better without streaks. If time isn’t all that important, Roborock suggests that you let the S8 Pro Ultra conduct a full vacuum routine with the mop raised followed by a full mopping routine with the brush raised for the best deep cleaning results.

Docking Station

Each vacuum in this roundup has a different docking station and you really need to look up close to notice the differences. Starting with the Q Revo, the docking station is the most basic but it looks quite sleek too with a nice tall panel covering the water tanks. However, the water tank only has an 80 ml capacity while the other vacuum docking stations boast 2.5 times the capacity. The Q Revo’s dock also lacks the self-cleaning capabilities the rest of the Roborock vacuum docking stations have. You may detach the base though to make it easier for you to manually clean.

The S7 Max Ultra and S7 MaxV Ultra docking stations look similar but the older MaxV’s dock dustbin can hold 400 ml while the others max out at only 350 ml. Although this spec is a rare victory for the MaxV, I would rather pick the automatic mop cleaning which you can only find in the other vacuums’ docking stations. The S8 Pro Ultra doesn’t have any technical advantages over the S7 docks but the dock on the S8 Pro Ultra looks a bit nicer as the plastic plate covers the front of the water tanks entirely.

What’s next?

Roborock has been through quite a journey culminating to the grand release of the S8 Pro Ultra. I’m glad Roborock hasn’t forgotten that not everyone is willing to spend MacBook money on a robot vacuum and didn’t compromise too much on mid-range products like the Q Revo. If you wish to compare these vacuums with other Roborock vacuums, check out Roborock’s comparison page on its US website, or price them out here.

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John Ruiz

John Ruiz

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