Pushing Power Boundaries with New Weatherproof BLUETTI AC240 Portable Power Station


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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

Bluetti AC240 portable power being used to make breakfast.Pioneer portable battery manufacturer BLUETTI continues to raise the bar in making innovative power stations with its new BLUETTI AC240 Portable Power Station – the company’s first 2,400W power station with an IP65 rating.

The company kickstarted its IP65 ambitions with AC240’s smaller sibling, the AC60, which boasts a 600W output. A full year later after the AC60 announcement, BLUETTI is bringing that dustproof and weatherproof ruggedness to customers seeking a power station that can last days under rough outdoor conditions.

We’d like to thank BLUETTI for sponsoring this post. The company has been a long-term sponsor of the blog which helps us keep things running, and we are grateful for their support. Please read on for a special discount for TechGadget readers.

IP65 – Dust Tight Protection with a Splash of Water Resistance

BLUETTI’s vast array of power stations are geared for outdoor usage as long as you keep them dry. This means rushing to keep the batteries underneath a roof or tent when sudden rainfall occurs. The BLUETTI AC240 eliminates the need for those extra steps thanks to its refined and patented design that adds additional sealing to its electronic compartments along with double-layer protected ports, independent air ducts, and a special drainage system. Thanks to these improvements, the AC240 has earned an IP65 dust and water-resistant rating.

Although the new design doesn’t fully prevent water from entering the power station, the AC240 does utilize internal exhaust fans to expel the water while the built-in heat dissipation system handles the rest by evaporating any remaining moisture. This makes the BLUETTI AC240 a suitable companion for open sea sailing expeditions.

Powerful, Yet Still Compact

Bluetti AC240 portable power on a beach.Weighing about 72 lbs or 33 kg, the added weatherproofing makes the BLUETTI AC240 weigh a bit more than other BLUETTI products with similar power output. However, the AC240 retains the same microwave-like compact form factor of its siblings allowing easy transport to and from a car, boat, or RV.

The power station’s 2,400-watt output is enough to energize refrigerators, window-type air conditioners, coffee makers, heaters, microwaves, and other appliances. More demanding appliances such as space heaters and hair dryers can also take advantage of the AC240’s Power Lifting mode which raises the power output ceiling to 3,600W.

The BLUETTI AC240 offers two (2) standard AC outlets for plugging these appliances. For smartphones and other small gadgets, the AC240 provides two (2) 18W USB-A ports as well as two (2) 100W USB-C for charging laptops and drones. Other available output options include an RV port, a cigarette lighter outlet, and a NEMA TT-30 port.

The AC240’s internal 1,536Wh LFP battery can sufficiently power a small refrigerator for a day or several smaller appliances for several days. Once fully drained, the AC adapter can recharge the battery from 0% to 80% in 45 minutes using Turbo mode. Up to 1,200W of input from solar panels is supported too as a clean energy alternative.

Stack Up the Power

When the adventure calls for more energy storage, BLUETTI’s B210 expansion battery can add 2,150Wh of power doubling the power station’s overall runtime. The AC240 supports up to four (4) B210 batteries for an effective maximum capacity of 10,136Wh. The B210 batteries have their own trio of DC outputs making them serve as independent water-resistant power banks.

Bluetti AC240 portable power.BLUETTI is also introducing a new parallel connection technology with the AC240 being the first to support. This technology enables you to link two AC240 units using a special BLUETTI Parallel Box P480 sold separately to double the total output to 4,800W while retaining the voltage. This breakthrough technology means you can safely invest in a AC240 to save money and later buy a second one when your house expands and you wish to provide backup power to all your appliances.

This simple setup supports parallel connection to the grid too with a slightly reduced output of 4,000W. Because the BLUETTI AC240 offers full UPS functionality, the power station can reliably detect power outages and immediately switch to battery power within a swift, 15-millisecond period.

AI Brains and Brawn

Like other BLUETTI power stations, the AC240 uses a lithium iron phosphate battery which can retain around 80% of its capacity after 3,500 charge cycles. Combined with BLUETTI’s AI battery management technology called BLUETOPUS AI BMS, the AC240 can maximize its efficiency based on usage to achieve the best possible lifespan without sacrificing performance.

If you wish to fine tune these settings, you may use the official BLUETTI app which lets you tweak the various power settings, UPS profiles, and charging speeds. BLUETTI is backing the AC240 with a lengthy 6-year warranty to give its customers that full peace of mind in owning a truly reliable backup power solution.

Bluetti AC240 portable power on a beach.

Pricing and Availability: special discount!

You can purchase the BLUETTI AC240 directly from BLUETTI’s official website and BLUETTI Amazon store for a starting price of $1799. As a bonus to all you TechGadgetsCanada readers, you can score an extra $50 discount with the promo code PR240 if you buy from April 2 to April 29. BLUETTI will launch a slightly bigger variant of the AC240 called the AC240P alongside matching B210P batteries that week as well.


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